E.C. Theatre Arts T’s & C’s


By attending classes with EC Theatre Arts you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. 




  1. Fees are payable monthly via standing order.

  2. We run our classes in line with the Warwickshire term dates which are 39 weeks for the academic year of 2019/2020. The 39 weeks of classes will be split equally in to 12 monthly payments, payable on 1st or 2nd of each month. 

  3. If you are joining part way through a month you may pay via cash or BACS until the new month starts.

  4. Families with 2 or more children enrolled in 2 or more classes each, will receive a 10% discount on termly class fees, only when paid in full via BACS.

  5. No refunds of payments can be given once the month has started.

  6. No refunds can be given for any missed classes. (exceptional circumstances will be considered. Please notify in writing.)

  7. In the unlikely event that a class has to be cancelled due to teacher absence, you will be offered a replacement class or credit.

  8. We cannot refund any classes that are cancelled due to reasons beyond our control, such as snow.

  9. Receipts will only be provided upon request. 

  10. Fees are subject to change and EC Theatre Arts will notify you in advance of any increase or change in fees.

  11. Failure to pay for 2 or more months in a row will result in a late payment fee of £8 per month. 


(at EC Theatre Arts we understand that life can be busy and complicated, so if we have been contacted and made aware of your circumstances, we may be able to waiver the late payment fee.) 


Class Prices


Children: £20 per month (as of 01/09/2020)

Higher level classes: price may vary

Adults: £7 per class (as of 01/09/2020)



  1. Class times are subject to change at the discretion of management and you will be notified accordingly.

  2. No classes will be held on public holidays.

  3. Classes will run through Warwickshire term time only.




  1. E.C. Theatre Arts engage industry-based professionals to instruct classes. At times, scheduled teachers may not be available and as such an alternative teacher of equal or greater qualification will replace the scheduled teacher.

  2. Teachers may rotate and change at the discretion of management.

  3. Examinations are offered once a student has achieved the required standard. This is determined by their teacher and will vary depending on each students’ ability and not necessarily their age. 

Duty of care, safety and conduct

  1. EC Theatre Arts endeavour to ensure that your children are dancing in a safe and comfortable environment. 

  2. Please be aware that due to the nature of dance and for your child’s growth, development and safety it will be necessary, at times, to engage in physical contact with your child. This will always be done in an appropriate manner with your child’s best interest in mind.

  3. EC Theatre Arts provides for the care and safety of the students while on the premises. 

  4. EC Theatre Arts does not accept responsibility for the students’ safety outside of the property.

  5. EC Theatre Arts attempt to minimise any risk of personal injury within practical boundaries however, accidents do happen, and all physical activities carry a risk of personal injury.  

  6. Please ensure that your child goes to the toilet before class and brings a bottle of water if desired into the studio.

  7. EC Theatre Arts do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property left on the premises before, during or after classes. The student and their guardian are entirely responsible for their belongings and property while in the premises. 

  8. Our time is just as important as yours so please ensure you deliver and collect you children on time.

  9. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to ensure that EC Theatre Arts are updated on any changes to pupil’s contact details and medical information.  All details will be held in strict confidentiality (Data Protection Act 2018) and will not be passed on to outside parties except, when needed, to the appropriate examining bodies for children taking dance exams. 

  10. Students will be asked to leave without notice for any serious breach of the school’s terms and conditions or for any other gross misconduct.

  11. At EC Theatre Arts we do not discriminate on background, ethnicity or religion. We regularly refresh teaching policies and attend yearly training courses. All teachers adhere to current safe guarding procedures to ensure that each child dances in a class appropriate to their level of development. 

Covid-19 Update

  1. Please ensure you child has used the toilet before class and washed their hands. 

  2. Hand sanitiser is to be used before entering and leaving the studio. (This will be provided.)

  3. To reduce the risk of spreading the virus, we ask that only one parent/guardian drops off and collects the student. 

  4. There will be no waiting area and parents will be asked to drop off at the entrance.

  5. We ask that no belongings are bought into the studio as we cannot provide a space to store them.

  6. Dance shoes must be worn at all times. (No socks.)

  7. Drop off and pick up times have been staggered to enable teachers to sanitise between classes. Please arrive promptly for drop off and collection of your child. There will be no entry into the building once classes have started.

  8. If emergency first aid is required, first aiders will wear full PPE. (Mask, gloves and apron.)

  9. You/your child must arrive for class dressed appropriately as there will be no changing facilities on the premises. (Changing in the toilets is not permitted.)

  10. All dance wear must be washed between visits to the studio. 

Photos and videos

  1. From time to time we will take photos in class. These may be used for our website and on our social media platforms. (You have the option to opt out of this on the registration form.)

  2. You may withdraw consent at any time by notifying management in writing.

  3. We reserve the right to request no videos or photos to be taken by a parent in class.  


Anti-bullying policy

EC Theatre Arts has a strict anti-bulling policy - 


Any Behavior such as intimidation, physical violence, verbal abuse or disrespect shall be addressed instantly and may result in exclusion from classes. It is EC Theatre Arts policy to make both parental parties aware of any incident big or small and discuss the appropriate action.